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Get started Direct Selling

Dreaming of being your own boss? Want to become a Stalltrader but with limited cash to get started?

You should consider checking out direct selling and the opportunities they offer! 

For a small initial outlay you can be in business within days! With a selection of stock, brochures, leaflets and free samples to get you on your path of starting your new business!

Flexible hours

Direct selling is an excellent opportunity to earn extra money, while you are still working in your current job, studying, raising your family or your other commitments.

You can earn as much or as little depending on your time and effort you put into your new venture.

Which direct selling opportunites are on offer?

There is a good selection of selling opportunities from cosmetics, diets, cookware, interiors, fashion, food and much more!

How to Sell?

Direct selling is all about networking. You start by selling to yourself! There is no point in advising customers to purchase your cosmetics but you really shop elsewhere for your own stuff.

People buy from people and by recommendation. There isnt a better person to recommend products than the person who is selling and using them. 

Start by selling to friends and family. If you love the products, they will too and trust your advice! 

Then expand to your wider circle. To work colleagues, friends of friends, people in your community and so on.

How do I make money?

In a nutshell, you earn money by commission. You make a percentage of the items sold or sales generated. More sales means more money and for some companies this will in turn make you higher commission.

Building a team

You can make even more money by building a team of representatives or consultants that join you to form a team. As the team leader or co-ordinator you can make even more money by earning a small percentage from each team member's sales. 
So again, bigger the team and larger the profits! Don't forget the bonuses!

Most direct selling companies work this way others are slightly different. So do your research when deciding which opportunity to sign up to and what best for you.

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Stalltrader is an unique way to promote your business. We have put together 3 ways Stalltrader can help your direct selling business. Be geninue Sign up and create a Stalltrader profile. Sound thoughtful, polite and genuine. We can't meet thousands

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