About us

About us

Thanks for popping by! As former event organisers we would always be asked by other events providers to help them find Stalltraders, as they struggled to find them for their events.

Stalltraders would tell us of their tales of trying to find good events plus stock and supplier advice.

Who we are

Stalltrader was born to provide platform for Stalltraders to promote their business, network with other stalltraders, suppliers and event organisers all in one place!

Exciting features!

Not just a listing site! As a new member you will automatically receive your own profile page.Sell your products, attract new customers, build your own content with images, videos, blogs and much more! Network directly with other members and suppliers. 


It can be difficult to know where to start when setting up as a Stalltrader or finding the right events too, our website intends to help you with that. Up to date information on the latest last minute stalls, plus much much more!

FREE membership

As we have recently launched, Stalltrader is FREE to join. However as our memberships will start to grow in 2019 we will be introducing a small yearly fee to new Stalltraders joining. To help run the website and its resources. So tell your friends, get involved and join for FREE while you can!